All sessions are performed by NC Licensed and trained massage therapists.


Please make your appointment well in advance to ensure availability.

Some price changes have occurred effective June 1, 2020.


Pricing includes all modalities:

30 minutes:    $50

60 minutes:    $90

90 minutes:      $120

Add Hot Stones:     $10

Massage Modalities

Relax and Renew


Stillwater's signature massage;
a blend of massage techniques customized especially for you to promote relaxation and renewal.





A European style of massage using long strokes with light to medium pressure. The perfect style for relaxing the mind and body.



Deep Tissue


A therapeutic style of massage aimed at affecting deeper muscular tissue using medium to firm pressure. Deep tissue work releases muscle tension and stress throughout the body.


Neuromuscular/Trigger Point


This therapeutic style of massage uses deep sustained pressure to tight areas of a muscle to refer pain ("trigger points") to allow tight muscles to release. This allows for increased blood flow, a reduction in muscle spasms, and the break-up of scar tissue.


Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)


Gentle style that encourages lymph flow. The lymph system includes organs, nodes, and vessels that house our white blood cells. It is responsible for removing waste and toxins from the body and helps the body fight infection. This therapy helps treat lymphedema (swelling) and aids in recovering a stressed immune system. MLD is ideal for overall detoxification and increasing lymph flow. Recent research shows great benefits for fibromyalgia sufferers wanting to treat stiffness, pain, and depression. 

Nurturing the Mother™ Pregnancy Massage


Pregnancy massage utilizes a comfortable side-lying position to alleviate pressure on the abdomen, lower back, and hips. This session is designed to provide relief and relaxation for both mother and baby during all trimesters of pregnancy. Therapists utilize gentle stretching, long flowing Swedish strokes, and techniques aimed at treating many common symptoms during pregnancy and the postpartum period.


Thai Massage 


Thai Massage, also called lazy man's yoga, is a technique incorporating stretching and smooth flowing massage strokes to stimulate circulation and flexibility. It is usually performed on a thick floor mat in loose, comfortable clothing and incorporates pillows to support the client during the massage session. Working from the feet up, the therapist stretches, flexes, and bends the body to free up tension and promote flexibility. Breathing techniques are used during the session, along with acupressure and trigger point techniques. Unlike Swedish massage, it involves active participation on the part of the client, who works with the therapist for an effective session. Prepare to feel both relaxed and rejuvenated after a Thai massage session.


An ancient form of energy healing that activates and improves overall health and well-being. The client remains fully clothed. Reiki can always be incorporated into other bodywork sessions.



Hot Stones


A deeply soothing, relaxing form of massage using hot stones to release muscle tension. Warms you to the core!

Add Stones to any session: + $10

Our menu of services doesn't always keep up with the new bodywork styles our therapists become certified in each year, so please ask about other modalities you may not see listed here!


Here are a few of the continuing education courses our therapists have recently completed or have planned for this year:


Medical Massage


Massage for Depression