Additional Wellness Services

Transformational Work with Danielle Creeksong

 Appointments are offered at Stillwater Spa and can be booked directly with Creeksong
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Transformative Sessions 

During this session you will be taken into a light trance by Nature Beings and led into one or more of the following experiences in accordance with your Soul’s guidance: a soulcoalescence regression (past or present life, or both), shamanic journeying, and/or streaming of direct communication/teachings from Nature Beings and other Beings of Light that are assisting you at this point on your evolutionary journey.

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Past Life Regression

is a unique and highly experiential style of advanced present and past life regression work, during which the individual personally meets and assists their fragmented aspects: communicating with them, learning from them, teaching them, and ultimately merging present life aspects back into Self and assisting past life aspects through the tunnel and on to the Light–to merge back into Soul!


• rapidly increases your intuitive skills
• heals residual energies from accidents, trauma, abuse, and hospitalizations
• reduces drama in your life
• explains and often fully heals phobias
• helps clarify your Soul’s Path
• enhances self-esteem and self-love
• grounds you more fully into the JOY of present moment

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